She’s A Newly Divorced Single Mom Who Has Given Up On Dating After Getting No Support From Her Ex And Having No Free Time For Herself

Still, she is not down for that since she wants to get to know a potential partner first before she introduces them to her kids. And with her lack of free time right now, that is virtually impossible. Not to mention, the other men who have expressed interest in her are just looking for hookups.

“And honestly, I’m not interested in entertaining such things at this point in my life,” she said.

As she looks toward the future, it’s been difficult for her to figure out how she is going to get her finances in order, too. Since it is impossible for her to work right now, she is not able to save any money. So, thankfully, her parents have been allowing her to live at their place for free. They also claimed she could stay at their house for as long as she wanted.

As of right now, however, it appears as though she will be “stuck” for one or two years at least– because she has to wait until her kids begin first grade and join an after-school program before she can get a full-time job without stressing out over their childcare.

And in the meantime, she has been struggling to come to terms with that.

“It feels like I’m wasting so much time of my life just sitting around doing nothing for myself. I wish I could at least be studying or taking a course or improving myself on something, but I can’t afford literally anything right now,” she vented.

She also wishes that she could begin building a fresh relationship, but that just doesn’t seem like it’s in the cards for her. Finally, she has no close friends to call when she needs to talk. It’s always just her and her kids, and she isn’t sure what to do about it.

“I love them to death, but I feel so lonely, helpless, and stuck,” she vented.

If you have ever been a newly-single mom, can you relate to how she feels? Is it normal to crave some free time away from your kids and a sense of companionship with another person? How can she work with her situation right now to fulfill some of her needs?

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