She’s Trying To Save Her Relationship For The Sake Of Her Baby, But Her Boyfriend Just Keeps Cheating On Her

That’s why she ended up giving her boyfriend an ultimatum. And at first, she really thought her boyfriend would try to make their relationship work.

Unfortunately, though, she found out four separate times afterward that her boyfriend had gone behind her back again to keep talking to the other woman. On top of that, he even told his affair partner that she was his soulmate and best friend!

And despite the fact that their baby just turned three months old, her boyfriend has continued sneaking around behind her back.

So, she was forced to get her boyfriend’s parents involved– who thankfully took her side. Then, her boyfriend’s parents even gave him an ultimatum, too. Since then, her boyfriend promised that he would cut off the other woman to be there for her baby. And on the one hand, she is glad because she wants their baby to grow up with two loving parents.

On the other hand, however, she has no clue how she will ever be able to deal with all of the lies and cheating to trust her boyfriend again.

“He says he loves me, but I know they had a deeper connection…,” she vented. “Part of me is jealous that they connected so much more in months than I did with him in years, even though we have memories.”

Still, she wants her boyfriend to be a part of their baby’s life and does not want him to end up in a relationship with the other woman down the road.

So, she’s also been left wondering if her boyfriend still secretly loves the other woman and how to move forward from this situation.

Would you ever be able to stay with your partner after they repeatedly cheated on you? Can you understand why she wants her boyfriend to be involved in their baby’s life? Even so, does it sound like she should remain in this relationship? What would you do?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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