Her Husband Went On A Guys’ Trip, And Most Of His Friends Cheated On Their Wives, But He Doesn’t Want Her To Tell The Women The Truth

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This woman’s husband recently went on a trip with a group of guys, most of whom are married with kids.

Apparently, her husband only knew three of the men before going on vacation. Then, he met the rest of the group– who were friends of a mutual friend– while away.

Anyway, they reportedly went to a location that is known for unsavory tourism and inappropriate activities.

“Had my husband not FaceTimed me while some of this stuff was happening, I don’t think I’d believe that he was innocent and didn’t participate,” she admitted.

While most of the guys were married, though, only her husband and one other man did not take up the offer of getting with other women.

Her husband also immediately told her what was going on because he did not want anything about the trip to come out later and for her to think he was guilty by association.

He also genuinely thought that she deserved to know what was happening on the vacation, and he didn’t want to risk their relationship.

But, her husband did give her one condition: she was not allowed to inform any of the other wives that their partners had cheated– because, if she did, then everyone would know that it was her husband who broke the “bro code.”

According to her husband, all of the other guys seemed extremely comfortable cheating on their wives. This made her husband believe it was not their first time being unfaithful.

ID 30685305 – © Goodluz –

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