Sea Glass Nails Will Help Give You Beachy Vibes This Summer

Emilija - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Summer is already here, and new beauty trends and aesthetics for the season are starting to come up to the surface.

These trends are all about capturing all of the beautiful parts of summer, and this new nail trend is no different.

Mermaidcore is an aesthetic that has been swimming around during the start of the summer, showcasing beachy looks and multiple shades of blue.

This vibe can be easily tied into your style through wavy hair, shimmery aqua eyelids, and clothes that focus on coastal vibes. One popular trend that ties into Mermaidcore is sea glass nails.

Sea glass is a rare treasure that can be seen washed ashore from the ocean. Pieces of glass from things such as bottles and vases that have found their way into the sea are continuously tumbled in the saltwater waves again and again.

When they reach the shore, they are smooth stones, their color, and shape depending on the glass itself.

The most common colors of sea glass are clear/white, light blue, and green. A perfect color pallet for any mermaid!

To achieve the look of sea glass nails, take a slightly sheer bluish hue and paint it onto your nails. You could also opt for a sheer cream or greenish color.

Once this dries, finish up the look by using a matte top coat. This step is what really pulls the look together, accurately mimicking the tumbled surface of a piece of sea glass.

Emilija – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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