She Had A Freaky Experience In Japan When A Strange Man Followed Her, And Then She Ran Into Him Several More Times On The Street Where She Lived

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Have you ever been in a foreign country and had a scary experience involving a stranger?

When traveling internationally, especially alone, we make ourselves vulnerable, as most people in different countries can spot a tourist instantly.

One woman recently had a freaky experience while living in Japan for a few months, and her story is a good reminder to always be aware of your surroundings. 

She’s American but has lived in Japan for the past few months after her husband was sent there for work.

One day while walking around a mall alone, she ran into someone who may have had bad intentions.

She was in a shoe store when a strange man approached her and asked how she was doing.

“By [his] tone, I could tell his intentions were gross, so I ignored [him] and was going to pretend I didn’t speak English,” she recalled.

“He persisted and asked what my name was. I ended up telling him I was fine and told him my name, which I regret.” 

After telling the man her first name, he didn’t introduce himself and asked her if she was in the mall alone. She told him she was with her husband.

MP_P – – illustrative purposes only

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