She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Treated Her Coldly After Finding Out That She’s Plus-Sized, Then After She Paid For Their Dinner, He Got Up And Left

Olga - - illustrative purposes only

Dating as a plus-sized woman comes with an extra set of struggles that slimmer women don’t face.  TikToker Angie (@konglia) is talking about the time she went on a date with a guy who treated her coldly after finding out she was plus-sized.

So Angie had asked her friend to set her up with a guy who went to her school because she thought he was cute.

She made sure to tell her friend to show him pictures of her because, as a plus-sized girl, she knew that some guys didn’t like bigger girls. Well, it turned out he was one of those guys.

They had been texting for a couple of days when they decided to meet up at a restaurant. Once she saw him, she was instantly attracted to him. But upon seeing her, the expression on his face became disgusted.

Throughout the whole date, Angie felt insecure because of the look he gave her. They sat in awkward silence as they waited for their food to be ready.

She attempted to engage in some small talk with him, but he did not seem interested in talking to her at all.

When their food arrived, they ate but continued to sit quietly and just stared at the televisions mounted overhead. He scrolled on his phone for a little while, then told her he had to go.

She offered to pay for his food, to which he agreed, and then he left immediately afterward. Later that day, she found out that he had blocked her.

Angie was confused about why he had blocked her, so she asked her friend about it. Her friend talked to him and informed Angie that he didn’t like bigger girls.

Olga – – illustrative purposes only

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