She Went On A Date With A Nice Guy Who Tried To Control Her Every Move While They Were Out At Dinner

Dan Dalton/KOTO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I’ve seen a lot of crazy dates happen on TikTok, but this one might take the cake. TikToker Talisa Galarza (@talisa0913) posted a video she took of a self-proclaimed “nice” guy who basically tried to control her every move while they were out to dinner.

The video starts with Talisa thanking her date for taking her out to dinner. After the waitress left their table, Talisa mentioned that she was a huge fan of seafood, so she was thinking about ordering the scallops.

But then, her date insisted on ordering for her, stating that he wanted to surprise her and that he knew what she wanted.

Talisa laughed awkwardly and tried to stay polite. She asked what he would order, and he planned to get the ribeye with mashed potatoes.

She questioned what he was going to order for her, and he replied that she would be eating the same meal as him.

Then, he said that she shouldn’t have any red wine. Talisa asked if it was because he didn’t like red wine or if the wine at the restaurant wasn’t the best.

What he said next was shocking. He stated that she probably didn’t want to add any more calories to her meal. She responded back by saying since they were on a date, she wasn’t really counting calories.

He proceeded to try to order a drink for her that didn’t have as many calories. At that point, he started to scare her, so she agreed that wine had a lot of sugar.

When the waitress returned to take their orders, he interrupted Talisa while she was speaking and told the waitress they were going to have the same order.

Dan Dalton/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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