She’s Been Dating A Guy For More Than A Year Now, But He Still Hasn’t Given Her Any Kind Of Title Or Made Things Official

Victoria Chudinova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old girl has been dating a 28-year-old guy for a year and 2 months exactly, and so far, their relationship has been entirely long-distance.

They initially met on a dating app while they were working in the mining industry in the same town.

Back then, they both had just gotten out of serious relationships, and they both felt that they weren’t interested in jumping right into another one.

“But as time went by, the after-work, few days a week fun, turned a little more serious with me flying down to stay with him for most of the weeks off (he would pay for half [my plane] tickets),” she explained.

“I’ve met his entire family and his best friends multiple times, but we don’t have a title. I had known he had a trip to Europe planned before we met, and in his words, he “didn’t want a girlfriend while he was in Europe.”

“I’m fairly reasonable and said that was fine, “I don’t necessarily want a boyfriend that’s in Europe for 5 weeks without me anyway”. We had the “being exclusive chat” and agreed that while we are both in Australia that we would be. Fast forward, he’s been back from his trip for a week now. I know he had “fun” and while he was gone so did I.”

This week, she’s visiting him, and things between them are wonderful. He showed her photos from his trip, and he also let it slip that he spent some time with 2 girls in Europe.

Those 2 girls just so happen to live an hour away from where he lives, and she saw on social media he’s still talking to them.

She did tell him she feels insecure about him talking to these other girls, and he said she had not a single thing to worry about.

Victoria Chudinova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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