She’s Refusing To Attend Her Best Friend’s Wedding After Being Dropped As A Bridesmaid Due To Her Size

So, right after Jane got engaged, she was asked to be a bridesmaid at the wedding. And she enthusiastically accepted.

Jane decided to get custom bridesmaid dresses made, though. That’s why she had to send her measurements to Jane just last week. And right afterward, her friend called and claimed that, because of costs, the number of bridesmaids was being cut down to just Jane’s sisters.

At the time, she completely understood that, too. Well, that was until a few days later when a mutual friend of theirs, Liz, sent a photo of a bridesmaid dress. Then, Liz asked her what color she had chosen for her gown.

She was obviously confused by that and tried to tell Liz that they had been dropped from the wedding party since they were not immediate family.

“I also called her because Liz is that one friend who responds to texts two weeks later, and I assumed she just never saw Jane’s message,” she explained.

Then, once they spoke, Liz started messaging in their group chat and asking if Jane could confirm that they were dropped from the bridal party.

It was at that point that she received a private text from Jane, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her so-called best friend revealed how only she had been dropped from the bridal party.

Apparently, Jane thought that the chosen bridesmaid dress style just did not “suit her” and that the cost of materials would “be too much.”

This seriously sent her for a loop, and she decided to call out Jane on the spot.

“I told her that if she was too ashamed to have a fat bridesmaid in a strapless dress, then she should just tell me instead of lie to me, and I thought that over a decade of friendship transcended that vanity,” she revealed.

Afterward, she proceeded to select “no” on the RSVP and sent it back to Jane.

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