She’s Talking About How She Met Her Dream Guy While At Her Hair Appointment

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There are times in life when you might meet the right person at the wrong time. The idea of “right person, wrong time” involves connecting with someone who seems to fit everything you’ve been looking for, but unfavorable circumstances pull you apart.

TikToker Kayla Simone (@itskaylasimone) is explaining how she met her dream guy while at a hair appointment. They were the perfect match, and it was love at first sight. Only, it ended in devastating heartbreak.

So, while at her hair appointment, she realized that the time on her parking meter was about to run out. At that point, her hair looked like a mess since half of it was still braided up.

She rushed out to insert more money into the meter, and when she returned, a tall, attractive man was chatting with her hairstylist.

Immediately, Kayla became embarrassed about the way she looked, but she tried not to let it show and instead gave off the air of a self-assured, confident woman.

She noticed he kept glancing at her, so she looked back at him, too. She inserted herself into their conversation to let him know she was friendly.

After a bit of banter, he left, and Kayla finished up with her appointment. Then, she asked her hairstylist who the man was. Her hairstylist informed her that he worked at the place next door.

So, of course, Kayla decided to find him. When she walked past his workplace, he smiled at her through the shop window. Kayla went inside, and they struck up a conversation. They chatted and flirted for about five to ten minutes, just getting to know each other a little more.

The entire time, she waited for him to ask for her phone number, but he never did. As she turned to leave, he reached his fist out for a fist bump. Confused, she bumped his fist, then took a few steps toward the door.

didecs – – illustrative purposes only

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