She’s Talking About How She Met Her Dream Guy While At Her Hair Appointment

But at the last second, she turned back around to give him her phone number. Not long after she had left the shop, he called her and asked if she wanted to grab some food.

She ended up getting in his car, and they talked for an hour. They decided to go on a date that same night.

He drove over to her place to pick her up. When she walked outside, he was standing next to his car with the door open. And as he caught sight of her, the look on his face was one of pure awe.

Kayla felt like she was on a date with someone she had been dating for ten years. There was a natural ease and instant spark with him that she never experienced with anyone else before.

When they arrived at the restaurant, he mentioned to the waitress that they were on their first date. The waitress was surprised and said they seemed like to have known each other for years.

Throughout dinner, they continued to laugh and chat. There were no awkward moments, and they were on the same page about pretty much everything in life.

They ended up sharing their first kiss during dinner. The waitress even brought them free food because of how cute they were together!

Afterward, he took her back home, but they both sat there, not wanting to part ways just yet. They decided to drive around the city and headed to a scenic overlook.

While there, he told her that he was falling for her. Kayla felt the same way. Finally, they returned to her house, and she was already excited about when she could see him again.

Before getting out of the car, she realized she had never asked him her dealbreaker question. So she inquired whether he had kids or not.

When he said he had a daughter, Kayla’s heart dropped to the pit of her stomach. She stared at him and saw the light leave his eyes. They sat in silence for five minutes, then she went inside, which is when she burst into tears.

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