He And His Wife Went Out To Dinner With Her Friends, And When The Check Came, He Didn’t Want To Pay The $700 Bill, Which Humiliated Her

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This 24-year-old guy and his 24-year-old wife got married quite recently. Now, his wife has 4 friends that she has been very close to since they were all back in high school.

His wife and his wife’s friends just went out to celebrate something together, and his wife picked out an upscale steak house for them to all have dinner at. He was also invited along that night.

When the evening came for them to all go out to dinner, he and his wife drove to the steakhouse together in different cars.

Dinner went well, and when the check came, his wife picked it up and passed it to him. It was north of $700, and his wife said that a man should always pick up the tab for his wife and all her friends.

He couldn’t help but laugh quite nervously and ask why when put on the spot like that in front of everyone.

“She says because I’m the man,” he explained. “I tell her that the only other person I would pay for would be you and me.”

“Her friends proceeded to laugh at me, calling me a broke husband. I stand up and put 2 one hundred dollar bills for my and my wife’s food and leave.”

“My wife gets home and starts screaming at me. Saying I made her feel embarrassed. How she promised her friends I’d pay.”

All the way home, his wife’s friends ridiculed her for getting married to a man who won’t pay a dinner bill for all of them.

ID 12983500 – © Zheng Bin – – illustrative purposes only

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