He Bought His Daughter An $80 Dress On Their Cruise Vacation, But His Wife Got Mad That He Didn’t Buy Their Other Kids Presents Too

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Some parents believe that if one kid gets a gift, their siblings should also get something. However, others would argue that isn’t always the case.

One man got his daughter a nice dress while their family was on a cruise because she was being great with her siblings. Then, his wife got mad because he didn’t think he should get their other kids a gift as well. 

He and his wife have four kids together. Their eldest is their 20-year-old son, and they also have a 16-year-old daughter, a 13-year-old son, and a seven-year-old son. They recently went on a week-long cruise together. 

Although they were all together on the cruise, they didn’t spend all their time together. His eldest spent most of his time doing his own thing on the boat, and every now and then, he and his wife would participate in a couple’s activity. 

“There are clubs on the boat for kids, and our 13-year-old really enjoyed them, but our seven-year-old didn’t and kept wanting to spend the day with his sister, who we’d given carte blanche to do her own thing as long as she ate with us and answered when we messaged her,” he explained.

“She was a good sport and took her little brother on most of her adventures, swimming with him, taking him to trivia, and doing the animation classes with him. I felt like this was very sweet of her and showed a great deal of maturity.”

He was so proud of his daughter’s decision to spend quality time with her little brother. She had every opportunity to leave her brother at the kid’s club but consciously chose to hang out with him.

So, he wanted to make her feel special. On the second to last day of the cruise, he told his daughter to go to the gift shop and pick out whatever she wanted as a thank-you for looking out for her little brother. 

“She was very excited and ended up picking out a dress,” he recalled.

Parilov – – illustrative purposes only

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