He Died On The Operating Table And Was Clinically Dead For Three Minutes, But When He Came Back, The Doctor Said That They Were Just About To Put A Sheet Over Him

rogerphoto - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old man has had numerous heart surgeries throughout his entire life.

“It started off as a heart murmur with an open-heart valve repair when I was born. I went on to have an aortic valve replacement surgery when I was 16 and a stent placement in the coronary artery near my heart at 23. I’m finally clear right now, and don’t have any showing problems, at least for the near future,” he explained.

His first two surgeries went well, but during the third one, problems quickly arose.

“The stent placement didn’t go as planned, and the balloon inflated early, stopping my heart almost immediately since the coronary artery was cut off. I was clinically dead for three minutes,” he shared.

During the three minutes that he was clinically dead, it felt like forever for him, but he also felt incredibly at peace.

“It felt like coming back from a hard day at work with nothing to do for the rest of the day and knowing you have the day off tomorrow,” he said.

“I remember loving the feeling but not seeing anything. Not black or white or something like that, just nothing. Like a transparent background that goes on and on and on.”

During these three minutes, he was in a state of what he felt to be “laziness” and just drifting, and suddenly, he heard his deceased grandfather’s voice tell him, “‘You shouldn’t get used to it. You’re not staying long.'” His grandfather died in 2018.

Then, he woke up in the hospital bed with his mother next to him. She was frantically yelling for the doctor to come into the room.

When the doctor arrived, he informed him that he’d been clinically dead, and they were just about to cover him with a bed sheet when his pulse suddenly came back.

rogerphoto – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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