He Made His Wife Clean Up After One of Her Kittens Even Though She Had Company Over Because He’s Not Willing To Help Care For Them At All

Photocreo Bednarek - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kittens

This guy’s wife recently adopted 2 kittens that she discovered in their yard. He admits that he is not a cat person at all, and he was extremely hesitant about his wife adopting these kittens she found.

Before he said yes and got on board with her plan, he made it clear that he had a few rules he wanted her to adhere to.

“I was very direct and even put it in writing in a text so we could refer back to it,” he explained.

“My stipulations included that I would not, in any way, lift a finger to help take care of the cats. Now, that might sound a bit harsh, but I do not want cats.”

“I have a full plate at work. I do a lot helping out with my young kids and taking care of the house. On top of that, I’ve been the one primarily taking care of my dog for the last 14 years.”

He absolutely adores his dog, and she does require a ton of care now that she is well into being a senior.

So, if you look at everything as a whole that he just laid out, he’s completely exhausted. He knows that if he took on just one more responsibility, it would not be healthy for him at all.

And that is exactly why he informed his wife that if she wanted both of the kittens, their care would be entirely left up to her.

Yesterday, he was watching TV when he realized that one of his wife’s kittens had gone to the bathroom right next to where he was sitting.

Photocreo Bednarek – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kittens

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