He Made Plans To Go On A Second Date To Grab Sushi With A Girl, But Then She Called Him Almost In Tears To Say He Takes Too Long Replying To Her Messages And She Stopped Replying To Him

Natasha Breen - - illustrative purposes only

Last week, this 20-year-old guy met a 23-year-old girl on a dating app. They then changed their conversation over to social media to keep chatting more.

As they continued talking to one another, they realized they had a lot of commonalities, and he asked her to go on a date with him that evening.

Their first date was honestly excellent, even though he was super anxious because he’s pretty new to dating and the whole meeting people online thing.

During the course of their first several drinks together, she had to be the one to keep the conversation going because of his anxiety.

But then, things became easier between them, and then she asked if he would like to go take a walk and get some fresh air since the bar they were in was loud.

After their walk, this girl waited for his train with him, and they made plans to grab dinner together that upcoming Sunday.

While he was on the train, they kept talking over social media, but it did take him about a half hour or so to get back to her since he had bad reception on the train.

He then arrived home, and he was trying his best to reply to her messages. The final message she sent him that evening was simply a heart emoji.

He added a like to her message and went to bed since it was midnight. Several hours after his head hit the pillow, this girl messaged him to say he should never leave a girl on “seen,” even if she had just sent him an emoji.

Natasha Breen – – illustrative purposes only

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