He Was Honest On A First Date About Wanting A Prenup Before Getting Married And Not Wanting Any More Kids, And The Woman Freaked Out On Him

BGStock72 - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old guy went on a date just last night with a woman who he thought was pretty nice.

They were hitting it off really well in the beginning, too. Well, that was until the conversation changed to the topic of their beliefs on both marriage and kids.

He was honest about his beliefs and straight-up told the woman that he did not want to tie the knot without getting a prenup first. Plus, he admitted to having absolutely zero interest in having another child.

Now, his perspective really annoyed the woman– who wound up accusing him of being selfish for wanting a prenup.

In her eyes, that means he would essentially be giving up hope on marriage before it even had a chance to play out.

“But in my defense, I make really good money and have absolutely no interest in supporting an ex,” he reasoned.

Regardless, the woman then started going off on him about his stance on kids– claiming that it’s also selfish to not want another kid, mainly because she had not yet had any children.

Anyway, he wound up telling the woman that he respects her feelings on the topic.

“But I could tell we were on two different wavelengths,” he said.

BGStock72 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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