Her Friend Asked If She And Her Boyfriend Are Pretending To Be In A Relationship, Before Wanting To Know Details of Their Personal Life

pavelvozmischev - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman lives with her 30-year-old boyfriend, and recently, her 25-year-old friend Olivia has been living with them.

Olivia moved in a couple of weeks ago, as she has been struggling financially and actually got evicted from her own place.

She hasn’t really had an issue with Olivia being their roommate, as she is tidy and respectful of the rules in their home.

“Anyway, she pulled me aside a couple of days ago and asked me if I’m really dating my partner or if we’re just pretending,” she explained.

“I asked her what put that in her head, and she said that he and I never do couple-y things like kissing or PDA or etc. She also brought up the fact that we don’t share a bedroom and asked if everything was okay in our [personal] life.”

She and her partner are actually not really into physical things, and Olivia obviously does not know this because she hasn’t felt the need to discuss her personal life with anyone outside of her boyfriend.

She just thought it was so strange of Olivia to pry into her personal life and ask if things were going well.

She also found it completely insane that Olivia instantly jumped to thinking that she and her boyfriend were faking their whole relationship.

“I said everything was fine, and it’s really none of her business,” she said. “She dropped it, but then yesterday, she brought it up again, saying she was concerned because I seemed quite defensive and snappy when she brought up my [personal] life in the prior conversation.”

pavelvozmischev – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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