Her Friend Attended An Upscale Cocktail Party With Her But Wore A Dress That Looked Like She Was Going Clubbing, So When Her Friend Complained About Being Uncomfortable, She Told Her It Was Her Fault For Not Dressing The Right Way

sonyachny - illustrative purposes only

This young woman has a pretty intriguing job, and she’s basically an art handler as well as a personal assistant to a man who really has an insane collection of artwork.

She knows her job is cool, and because of it, she frequently gets invited to amazing events and different experiences.

Her boss is an older gentleman who is more on the traditional side, which means they don’t have the same taste in art at all, but it does mean that she gets invited to some very upscale and high-end things.

In the city where they live, there’s an opera that’s world-renowned. Last weekend, she was gifted two tickets to attend the opera, and she also was invited to a private cocktail party that started before the show.

“This was not a work event for me but still a networking opportunity and a gift from my boss’s personal friend,” she explained.

“My fiancé was visiting family, so I invited my friend Sara to join me. She arrived at my house Saturday afternoon to get ready with me. She had brought a dress to wear that I didn’t think she should.”

“It was very pretty but more like a club dress than an event dress, bright pink and very short. And our opera is known for a “no dress code, just be fabulous” approach, so it was fine for the venue itself, but I knew the pre-party was going to be an older, more “traditional opera dress” crowd (I wore a deep green floor length dress, for reference).”

She said to Sara that she was welcome to pick a different dress from her closet to wear, and she mentioned that she knew Sara would not be comfortable at the party with what she already had on.

She also stated that the kind of people who would be at the cocktail party were more upscale, but Sara insisted on wearing her bright pink dress, so she stopped trying to get her to change.

sonyachny – illustrative purposes only

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