Her Husband Deleted The Text Messages Between Him And His Ex-Girlfriend, And When She Asked To See Them, He Freaked Out

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While some people are able to remain friends with exes, others leave their past relationships in the past, and oftentimes for a good reason.

This woman and her husband have been married for several years, and their relationship has always been strong.

“He has an ex-girlfriend of seven years that cheated on him, and he has always expressed such strong hatred and emotion in response to her that I’ve always been taken aback by the way he reacts to her or speaks about her with others,” she said.

Her husband and his ex haven’t followed each other on social media at all since they broke up. However, his ex began following him a few weeks ago. When her husband noticed this, he told her right away.

She didn’t have any feelings about this one way or the other, but she requested that her husband let her know if his ex ever tried to message him. He didn’t have an issue with this because he was always open and honest with her, and he promised he’d tell her if his ex ever tried to talk to him.

“This past weekend, we had been drinking, and I took a nap,” she explained. “I found out later that night that his ex did reach out, and he messaged her back but deleted all of the messages.”

“I did see a screenshot where he simply asked why she followed him, nothing inappropriate, and I believe him that it was just that.”

“He said he wasn’t going to wake me up from a drunken nap to tell me, but he never admitted to it until I caught him.”

Understandably, she was uncomfortable with the fact that her husband responded to his ex’s message while he was drinking and then deleted the messages afterward.

ID 175174119 – © Monkey Business Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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