Her Mom Wrote Her A Bill For All The Expensive Clothes She’s Bought For Her Over The Years, So She Finally Snapped And Told Her Mom She Wished She Never Had Kids Because She’s A “Money Obsessed Witch”

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Sometimes, our parents make us have outbursts. We can get so frustrated or angry with them, even if they do have good intentions, and just lose it.

One teenager recently had an outburst after getting extremely frustrated with her mom and told her she wished she never had kids.

She’s 15-years-old and is getting really tired of her 50-year-old mom. Her mom has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression and hasn’t done much to learn how to deal with her mental struggles in a healthy way.

She can remember struggling with her mom since she was a little kid. Her mom often tries to make her feel guilty.

For instance, if she was ever upset about something as a kid, her mom wouldn’t try to comfort her but would instead tell her that she had to deal with a lot worse stuff when she was little.

Additionally, her mom is bad with money. Her mom technically works for her dad but also finds reasons to stay home or claims to be sick or in pain.

Her mom has a shopping addiction, which her dad fuels, and she also has access to her bank account, so she hardly gets to spend any money she earns working in a café.

When her mom found out about her café job, she pressured her into taking her out to a nice dinner and spending money on her.

One thing that really hurt her was when her mom told her she was the reason she deals with depression.

StockPhotoPro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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