Her Reported His Daughter For Inappropriate Behavior After She Took A French Fry Off of His Plate While Serving Him At A Restaurant, And He Caused His Daughter To Lose Her Job

ID 63114197 - © Oleg Dudko - - illustrative purposes only

This 47-year-old man was recently in a challenging situation with his 19-year-old daughter, Emma.

Just a few months ago, Emma decided to take his car out late at night without getting permission first. Then, she wound up crashing the vehicle, and he was understandably furious.

At the time, he believed Emma needed to find a way to face the consequences and take responsibility for the accident. So, he told his daughter that she needed to get a job in order to pay him back for the vehicle damage.

Emma took his advice, too, and decided to get a waitressing job at a local restaurant.

“But while I was initially proud of her for taking responsibility, things took a turn for the worse,” he revealed.

One day, he thought it would be a nice way to show his support for his daughter’s new job if he stopped by the restaurant for lunch. Plus, he thought it’d be good for them to bond over a meal.

Well, after Emma took his order, she later dropped off his plate of food as normal. Then, when she turned to walk away, she decided to playfully grab one french fry off of his plate.

“I was taken aback, and I felt that it was inappropriate behavior for a waitress, regardless of our personal relationship,” he explained.

“In my opinion, it’s important to treat all customers equally and professionally.”

ID 63114197 – © Oleg Dudko – – illustrative purposes only

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