Her Roommates Have Not Spoken To Her Since She And Her Boyfriend Cleaned All Their Gross Leftovers Out of The Fridge

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This 22-year-old woman lives with her boyfriend, 21, as well as three other roommates (two women, 22 and 23, and a 23-year-old man).

They share a four-bedroom house and a large refrigerator. Her roommates fill the fridge with lots of leftovers, so there’s often not enough room for all of their food.

Because of this, she and her boyfriend had to buy two mini fridges to have in their room, and they don’t even keep much of their food in the fridge in the kitchen anymore.

“Before moving in, I had asked everyone to have a fridge clean-out the first Sunday of every month. It worked for the first two months, but now no one seems to do it,” she said.

Since she and her boyfriend’s roommates stopped doing their part to clean out old food and leftovers that they weren’t going to finish, she’s repeatedly reminded them to do so. However, none of them ever listened, and sometimes they’d say, “‘It’s not mine.'”

“A few nights ago, my boyfriend and I couldn’t sleep, so we went downstairs to eat some ice cream, and I asked if he wanted to clean out the fridge to clear up space,” she explained.

“He said sure…so, at 3 a.m., we cleaned out the fridge to discover more than half of the leftovers were covered in mold. We cleaned out more than 20 Tupperwares of old, disgusting food and threw away three big trash bags of it.”

She and her boyfriend worked tirelessly to clean the kitchen refrigerator that they rarely even used anymore. They even organized the Tupperware cabinet.

“He emptied the trash bags, and I cleaned the Tupperware and threw away the expired food, like dried-up tomatoes, milk, and moldy cheese,” she shared.

ID 178243993 – © Lightpoet – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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