He’s Tired of Living In A Big City And Wants To Move, And Since His Boyfriend Doesn’t Contribute Financially, He Believes His Boyfriend Should Just Accept What He Wants And Go Along With The Relocation

jonbilous - illustrative purposes only

This 43-year-old man has been living in a large city ever since 2001. But, unlike how pop culture romanticizes living in large metropolitan areas full of opportunity, he is completely over it.

He realizes that his home city is a great place to live, but he’s just tired of living there. He even claimed to hate it.

“I don’t see my friends, and I hate my home and the city,” he admitted.

However, he is in a long-term relationship with a 44-year-old man. And his boyfriend has been living with him ever since 2008.

But, unlike him, his boyfriend just does not want to move away to a new place.

Now, he has expressed his desire to move away and start fresh. It’s not like he wants to move to a rural countryside or somewhere super remote, either.

“I want to go somewhere else, maybe a smaller city, and buy a nice apartment, furnish it, and make it a real nice place to live,” he explained.

However, his boyfriend simply is not on board. And he doesn’t understand that for one main reason.

Apparently, his boyfriend encountered some health issues earlier this year and was forced to quit working. So, it has been months since his boyfriend last took home a paycheck, and he doesn’t see his boyfriend starting to earn money again any time soon.

jonbilous – illustrative purposes only

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