His Coworker Always Procrastinates And Prevents Him From Leaving Work On Time, So He Decided To Get Some Petty Revenge

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This 30-year-old guy has worked at the same company for about three years, and he loves his job. He enjoys the company, and he really likes the people he works with.

However, there is one main issue. Apparently, his company has a very relaxing work environment since everyone knows what needs to get done and completes their work by the end of the day.

Due to this, his company– which is comprised of just five people who work in the office– has an interesting policy. Every Friday, one employee will get to take a half-day as long as all of their daily work is completed.

This essentially means that each employee gets to take a half-day every five weeks since they take turns around the office.

Now, he does really appreciate this policy. However, one guy he works with has made it very difficult to reap the benefits.

Apparently, he and his 27-year-old colleague’s work is extremely intertwined. So, he is not able to complete his work without his colleague’s work, and the same is true the other way around.

His colleague also has a 4-month-old son, and his colleague’s father is the company’s manager.

So, every Friday, they normally finish up their work quickly. Then, his colleague’s father allows his colleague to leave very early from work– only two hours past their start time– to pick up the baby from daycare and spend time with his son.

“But, even before the baby was born, my colleague was always allowed to leave earlier because he always had something to do,” he recalled.

ID 172861914 – © Nd3000 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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