His Girlfriend Found Out That They First Met Because He Was Just “Taking One For The Team” And Being His Friend’s Wingman For Another Girl

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About two years ago, this 22-year-old guy went to a party with his friend, Josh. After hanging out for a while, they spotted two girls– one of whom Josh was interested in.

The girl was reportedly a pretty blonde who was with another “heavier” female friend. He claimed that the girl’s friend was not unattractive by any means, just “noticeably bigger” than average.

Anyway, Josh wound up turning to him and asking him to be a wingman by “taking one for the team” and talking to the blonde girl’s friend. At the same time, Josh planned to swoop in and win the blonde girl over.

He ultimately agreed to Josh’s plan, too, since he wanted to be a good friend. So, he went in first and started chatting with the second girl– keeping her distracted.

Then, Josh entered the situation and started flirting with the blonde girl.

“Again, this friend I was talking to was by no means unattractive, just a bit heavier than what most guys– myself included at the time– would go for,” he clarified.

“And I thought she was very sweet, even though I was just talking to her out of obligation.”

Regardless, that didn’t end up mattering since the blonde girl Josh was interested in wound up having a boyfriend.

So, after that girl brushed Josh off, his friend patted him on the back and signaled that it was time for them to go.

LStockStudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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