His Wife Told His Son To Go Ask His Real Mom For Some of Her Child Support Money To Buy A $20 Game He Wanted, And After He Told His Wife That Was Inappropriate, She Hasn’t Been Speaking To Him

annawin - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old man has two sons from a previous marriage, and his 40-year-old current wife also has two children of her own from a marriage before him too.

Now, they have two baby daughters with one another, so they are living in a pretty full house. He admits their lives are crazy and chaotic nearly all of the time, but they adore their extra-large family.

His new wife and his ex-wife essentially hate one another, and his wife will never miss an opportunity to make negative comments about his ex.

However, his wife refrains from making these comments around his sons, so that has never really bothered him that much.

Yesterday, his 14-year-old son asked him for $20, as there was an online game he really wanted to buy, and his wife overheard their conversation.

“It’s not unusual for me to give the kiddos money, but I told him he could earn some money tomorrow,” he explained.

“My wife tells him to ask his mother for some of the child support money I give her. I wasn’t present, but she came and told me about it and thought it was funny.”

“I was speechless at first. I told her that it was inappropriate to say that and leave my son out of the hatred she has for my ex.”

Instead of accepting that the comment she made to his son about the money was rude, his wife just defended her actions to him.

annawin – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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