Here’s How To Pretend You Know How To Taste Wine On A First Date

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Have you ever been on a dinner date with someone, ordered a glass of wine, and were suddenly asked by a sommelier or waiter to taste the wine before they poured you a full glass?

This happens a lot in nicer restaurants, and if you don’t know anything about analyzing or properly tasting wine, it can be quite intimidating.

Thankfully, the wine pairing and delivery brand Good Pair Days and one of their content creators, Lucy, made a viral video on “how to pretend you know how to taste wine on a first date” for the next time that may happen.

“The sommelier has just poured your wine at the restaurant, your date’s sitting across from you at the table, and you want to look like you know your wine,” says Lucy.

“What do you do?”

While Lucy may be hilarious and has some funny bits in this video, she continuously emphasizes a sort of “fake it till you make it” mentality, encouraging viewers to make consistent, confident eye contact with their sommelier and date throughout the video.

First, Lucy says to pick up the wine glass by the stem and tilt it forward to inspect the bottom of the glass for debris.

Once you see that everything is clean, you place the wine back onto the table, place two fingers around the stem at the base of the glass, and swirl it so the wine swishes in a circular motion around the glass. Who wouldn’t be impressed by this?

Swirling wine in the glass allows it to release all of its aroma compounds, which is important for the next step.

ID 37591610 – © Stockyimages – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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