She And Her Friends Caught Two Teachers Having An Affair When She Was In High School

undrey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

TikToker @shadybaby_ is talking about how she and her friends caught two teachers having an affair when she was in high school.

So she had a teacher named Mr. Smith. He had a very bubbly personality and got along well with his students. He was the type of teacher who would share about his dating life.

One day, he told the class that he had been chatting with someone with whom he had a lot in common. She was also a teacher and lived nearby.

Then, he began talking about how she was in a toxic relationship and wanted to leave her partner but was finding it difficult because of their long history.

The creator and her classmates were under the impression that he was doing the woman a favor by helping her get out of a bad situation.

As time passed, he told the class more and more about the woman he was talking to and how he planned to ask her to be his girlfriend. The class was shocked and a bit confused because he had always been somewhat of a bachelor.

While they were in class one day, Mr. Smith left his phone unattended when he exited the room. As the creator and her friends were chatting, they noticed a notification pop up on his phone from someone named Jane.

When Mr. Smith returned to the classroom, he saw them peering at his phone and started questioning them about why they were looking at it.

She explained that they had just happened to see a notification from Jane. That’s when one of her friends turned to her and whispered that there was a Mrs. Jane who taught business at their school.

undrey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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