She Dumped Her Boyfriend Because They Were Supposed To Get Dinner, But Then He Made Her Wait For 30 Minutes While He Chit-Chatted With His Friend

Jose Calsina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old college girl has a boyfriend who is 26, and recently, she asked her boyfriend if he wanted to get dinner with her one night.

Her boyfriend asked her to meet him at a specific spot on their college campus, and from there, they would go over to the restaurant together.

She and her boyfriend arrived at their meeting spot at the exact same time, but as they were about to walk off and head to dinner, one of his classmates came over and asked to speak with her boyfriend.

She backed up and gave them a little room to talk. They were chit-chatting about “guy things,” along with some argument that had gone down 2 evenings ago.

Nothing they were talking about was urgent or serious, but they kept chatting for a half hour while she just stood there awkwardly.

“I was standing, with a bag full of books over my shoulder, in the humid heat FOR 30 MINUTES… and he NEVER once even glanced at me to say something along the lines of “just a sec babe” or “you go ahead, I’ll catch up” or anything,” she explained.

“He just kept on talking, not even acknowledging that I was standing five steps away, waiting for him to finish.”

“Ultimately, I decided I had waited enough and started walking away. He ran after me and said, “Sorry, he just kept going on and on…where are we going?” I said I was going home, wasn’t even hungry anymore, and just kept walking away.”

Her boyfriend called her up and wanted to know why she got so angry at him over something he considered to be minor.

Jose Calsina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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