She Freaked Out At A 6th Grade Graduation Party After She Heard One of The Moms Fat Shame Her Daughter In Front of Everyone Else

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Has your mom ever embarrassed you in public? Did she ever embarrass you regarding your appearance?

One woman recently had an outburst at a kids’ graduation party after listening to one of the moms fat-shame her daughter in front of everyone. 

She was recently a chaperone at a 6th grade graduation party at a local elementary school. Around a hundred students were in attendance, as well as teachers, parents, and more volunteer staff. 

One of the mothers in attendance brought her two twin girls, Maddie and Katie.

Maddie and Katie were both average heights, but Katie was a bit heavier than Maddie. Unfortunately, it became obvious that this difference bothered their mom, who made comments about Katie’s eating habits and tried to control what she ate throughout the entire night.

When the food at the party was served, the twins’ mother began to freak out when she saw Katie pick up a cupcake. In front of everyone, she scolded Katie and told her to cut the cupcake in half.

“Katie did as her mother requested, and when she started to eat the remaining half of the cupcake, her mom immediately told her to wipe off the icing first,” she recalled.

“Maddie was permitted to eat a whole cupcake with all the icing without their mother saying anything.”

Then, as the twins were eating pizza with her friends, their mom seemed astonished when Katie went to get another slice and confronted her about it. As Katie tried to get some potato salad during the evening, her mom tried to grab the serving spoon from her hands.

olegparylyak – – illustrative purposes only

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