She Picked Up A Woman Who Was Hitchhiking, And Things Took A Strange Turn When A Van Started Following Closely Behind Her

Then, the woman asked to play on her phone. She told the woman no, that her phone wasn’t a toy, and that she needed it for work. She then moved the phone out of the woman’s reach.

All of a sudden, the woman said that she remembered her boyfriend’s phone number and asked to call him. At the time, cars weren’t able to sync up to phones with voice activation.

Since there were signs everywhere saying that there was no cell phone use allowed while driving, she told the woman that they could call her boyfriend once they got to the grocery store parking lot.

The woman was immediately angry and said that she wanted her to take her home. She told the woman that she couldn’t do that, and she had to be at a work assignment starting soon.

As the woman got madder, the van continued following them as closely as possible.

Finally, at 4 p.m., they reached the grocery store parking lot, with the van pulling in as well. Just like she’d predicted, the store was busy, but when she asked the woman for her boyfriend’s phone number, the woman suddenly couldn’t remember anymore. She also refused to get out of the car and started fighting with her.

“There’s a sheriff’s deputy parked nearby, and I roll down my window and signal that I need to speak to him. He walks over and asks me what’s going on,” she explained.

She told the deputy the story of where she’d met the woman and how the woman wouldn’t get out of her car. Then, she whispered to him that there was a van that had been following them.

The deputy told the woman that she needed to get out of the car, which she obeyed, albeit slowly.

“I ask once more for her boyfriend’s number, and she says, ‘You’re crazy. I don’t have a boyfriend. Oh, look, there are my friends now,’ and she points to the van,” she continued.

At that, she and the deputy looked at one another, and he asked her for her contact information. He said that he would stall the woman and her friends for 20 minutes so that he could run their license and registration. He also wanted to talk to the woman’s friends and scold them for abandoning a special needs adult.

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