She Put A Drink Cover On Her Beverage During A First Date With A Guy At A Bar, But He Ripped It Off, And It Made Her Super Uncomfortable

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Navigating the dating scene as a woman can be really frightening– especially with the advent of dating apps.

First of all, it’s common for women to start talking to complete strangers whose profile pictures, ages, and other characteristics may be a total lie.

Not to mention, if you hit it off with a guy, the natural next step is to meet up with them for a first date. Even then, no matter how well the conversations went online, it can be an intimidating gamble.

That’s why countless women have instituted different dating practices to keep themselves safe while hoping to meet their match.

Some have opted to share their location with friends and alert their loved ones that they are heading out with a new man; others have chosen to only meet up in public locations and take separate cars.

You may have also seen viral products on TikTok and other social media platforms, which allow people of all ages and genders to protect their drinks from getting tampered with when they’re out in social settings.

One young woman, who is currently in college, uses a similar product.

“I have a stretchy cloth drink cover that has a hole for the straw, but it’s designed to wear so someone can’t just drop things into your drink,” she explained.

Recently, a guy at her school also asked for her number and invited her out to get drinks for their first date.

ID 42961432 – © Bogdan Hoda – – illustrative purposes only

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