She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Sang To Her In The Middle of A Restaurant, And It Was One of The Most Embarrassing Moments of Her Life

Victoria Chudinova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Every woman has probably had that fantasy of being serenaded at some point in their life. A guy whips out a guitar, ukulele, or some other stringed instrument and sweetly sings a song dedicated to you while passersby look on with adoration and envy.

But being serenaded in public may not be everything you thought it was. In theory, it seems romantic, but to many women who have actually experienced being serenaded, the performance is humiliating and viewed as a cringy gesture.

TikToker Maddie (@descent_into_madness) stitched a video from another creator talking about a scene from Barbie, which was recently released in theaters.

In the text overlay of the video, the creator wrote, “The most relatable part of the Barbie movie was Ken saying, ‘I’ll play guitar at you!’ If you have never had a guy play guitar at you while you sit there uncomfortably, you are one of the lucky ones. I am a victim.”

Even though Maddie has never had a guy actually play the guitar for her, she did go on a date with a guy who sang to her in public, and it was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

So she met a guy on Hinge who was a pharmacist, and they went on a date to a Mexican restaurant. The date was going well, but things quickly started to fall apart halfway through dinner.

He mentioned that he was in a band and asked Maddie if she wanted to hear one of his songs. She readily agreed, thinking he was going to send her a link to a video or an audio file.

Instead, he began singing a capella in the middle of the restaurant. The entire restaurant watched as he belted out the lyrics to a song he wrote himself. The whole ordeal probably lasted around a minute, but to Maddie, it felt like an eternity.

When he was finished singing, one table clapped awkwardly. Maddie tried her best to stay polite and complimented him on his performance, even though what she really wanted to do was run away and hide.

Victoria Chudinova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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