She Went Out With A Guy Who Claimed To Be Single, But Then His Girlfriend Showed Up And Interrupted Their Date

Andriy Blokhin - illustrative purposes only

It’s absolutely infuriating when a guy pretends to be single. It creates disastrous effects and breaks the trust of everyone involved.

TikToker Geena (@geenaalexandra) is sharing how she went on a date with a guy who claimed to be single, but it turned out he actually had a girlfriend, and she interrupted their date to confront him.

So one time, she met a guy at a restaurant. He was her server, and he ended up hitting on her while she was there. Already, she was feeling lovestruck and wanted to go on a date with him.

She asked him if he was single, to which he replied that he was. He started hyping up a food place he wanted to take her to, saying they were going to get the best burgers ever.

Geena was so excited. On the day of their date, he picked her up, and they headed to the restaurant. But when they pulled into the parking lot, she saw that they were at a casual fast-food joint.

As she tried to keep from being disappointed, she told herself they were both young and broke and that this could be romantic. However, it was the total opposite.

After they walked inside, he told her to order food while he went to the restroom. Geena was flabbergasted that he hadn’t offered to pay. She decided to order some fries.

When he returned from the bathroom, they found a place to sit down. They had been chatting for about ten minutes when suddenly, the door to the restaurant swung open, and a girl came angrily charging toward them.

She was in hysterics and screamed at Geena’s date for being a cheater. Geena just sat there in confusion, hoping it was all some kind of prank, but no cameras emerged.

Andriy Blokhin – illustrative purposes only

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