She Went To The Beach And Then Out To Dinner With A Guy For Their First Date, But After He Kept Pressuring Her To Hook Up With Him, She Thinks She Should Ghost Him

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About a month ago, this 27-year-old girl met a 30-year-old guy on a dating app. They then began texting one another occasionally.

He attempted to organize a date with her multiple times, but their schedules just weren’t lining up, so it never happened.

But then, they finally found a time that worked out for the both of them to go on their very first date together.

“He eventually met up with me at the beach,” she explained. “The date was going well, we spent a whole day together.”

“We had a fair amount to drink throughout the day. I won’t lie throughout the day, there was heavy flirting and…tension.”

“But towards the end, we had dinner, and he started to get increasingly lusty…touchy, and make consistent…innuendos insinuating going back to his house to “cuddle.” I kept politely declining.”

When their date came to an end, she decided to pay for half of their dinner bill, and then she immediately made her way back home alone.

She did not go back to his house like he had been all over her about during dinner that evening.

Later on, this guy sent her a text to confirm that she had made it home safely. She honestly did not reply to his message, though, because she really was upset about how he had put the pressure on her to go back to his place and hook up with him.

armcreation – – illustrative purposes only

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