She Wore Off-White To Her Friend’s Wedding, Which Her Friend Approved Of, But Then The Groom’s Sister Tried To Make Her Leave

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Deciding what to wear to a friend’s wedding can be tricky. Every wedding is different, with themes and dress code expectations.

The rules can also vary depending on the religion or culture of the bride and groom. While wearing white is often a no-no at weddings, at others, this rule may not be followed quite as strictly.

Guidance from the bride and groom on how to navigate choosing what to wear is usually the best way to make an appropriate decision before attending the wedding.

This woman’s friend got married recently. She and her friend are both Asian and live in Canada.

Her friend’s fiancé is Scottish, and they both come from different religious backgrounds.

“They had two types of weddings to celebrate both cultures. She is Hindu, and he is Christian,” she said.

She was attending both of the ceremonies, so she planned to have two dresses picked out.

“For the Indian wedding, there is no particular dress color for the bride’s dress. She was going to wear pink at the wedding,” she explained.

She and her friend went shopping together so that they could both decide on a great dress for her to wear to her friend’s Hindu wedding.

primipil – illustrative purposes only

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