She’s Forcing Her Husband To Cancel His Credit Card Since Now That His Daughter Has A Hold of It, She’s Going To Keep Buying Whatever She Wants On His Dime

Drazen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is married to a man named Tom, and Tom has a daughter from a previous relationship that he was never close to.

But then, a decade ago, Tom reconnected with his daughter, and now his daughter is 35-years-old. Tom’s daughter lives on the opposite side of the country, and she has three children.

Since these are Tom’s only grandkids, he’s always overjoyed to be able to spend time with them.

To be honest, she has a major problem with Tom’s daughter because this girl is always trying to get Tom to pay for anything and everything.

She and Tom will pay for his daughter to go on vacation with them, they pay for her dinners and outings, and yet, his daughter always is trying to get them to buy her more and do more.

“A Gucci purse was the last thing she guilted my husband into buying her – since he never paid child support for the 20+ years that he wasn’t in her life, she feels like she deserves these things,” she explained.

“It seems like every time she’s on the phone with him, she says, “Oh, the grandkids miss you, when are you taking us to see you”? Or “I really need a vacation.” And he will send her money. He knows that I don’t like that kind of pandering, but I try to ignore it. He is guilted into sending cash regularly for one thing or another.”

Last weekend, Tom’s daughter and grandkids came to visit them, and Tom paid for their travel expenses.

She reminded Tom not to get roped into buying anything crazy for his daughter, you know, like another Gucci purse.

Drazen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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