A Guy Stalked Her Outside of Her Apartment Building For Four Hours After Their Date To See If She Was Lying About Going To Bed

mary_markevich - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Everyone has encountered some weird individuals on Tinder. Most of the time, these encounters are harmless, but for some, their dates took a frightening turn for the worst.

TikToker Hope (@hope_mo13) is talking about a guy who stalked her outside of her apartment building for four hours after their one and only date to see if she was lying about going to bed.

So back in 2017, she matched with this cute guy on Tinder. They set up a date, and he came to pick her up from her apartment, which was her first big mistake.

But at the time, she didn’t really think much of it because she had always felt safe in the area she grew up in. It was the type of town where you could leave your doors unlocked, and nothing bad would happen.

They ended up having to go to two different restaurants because every restaurant she selected had a two-hour wait. When they finally sat down to eat, she noticed that they didn’t seem to be clicking as well as she had hoped.

He was a walking red flag, and he also had a kid. Hope wasn’t really interested in dating someone with a kid because she was only 19 then. At the end of the date, he didn’t tip their server. Hope knew there would be no second date with this guy, so she asked him to drop her off at home.

However, he wanted to continue the date. She reiterated that she wanted to go home and go to bed, saying that she was tired and didn’t feel well.

Finally, he took her home and left as she went inside. Two or three hours later, Hope’s friend Skylar texted her. He owed her some money and wanted to drop it off to her.

So he drove over to her apartment, dropped off the money, and left. That’s when Hope’s phone started blowing up with messages and calls from the guy she had gone on a date with.

mary_markevich – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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