He Walked Away From The Best Woman He Will Ever Find Because He Was Blinded By His Ego

Yuliya - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old guy says that his ex-girlfriend was, and always will be, the most amazing and gorgeous woman he will ever meet in his life.

He and his ex met in college, and they were introduced by a friend that they had in common. Their friend promised that they would get along great, and their friend was not wrong.

“My stomach collapsed when she walked into the room; she had a huge smile and two dyed streaks in her hair,” he explained.

“The only way I can describe her is with the yellow aura that she carried with her wherever she went.”

“I later discovered that we had both fallen in love within a similar time frame of around 13 minutes. We spent the first two weeks that we knew each other in my room, talking about anything and everything. The conversation never ended.”

They ended up living together for the majority of their next year of college. He met her family, and they were lovely and sweet towards him.

His ex was authentic and kind, and she helped him figure out who he wanted to be in life. She always supported him in everything he did and all the challenges he encountered.

But then, he destroyed everything. Back then, he did realize he was letting his brain overtake the decisions he now knows his heart should have been making.

“When exams rolled around, and I found myself [busier], I reprioritized and told myself that I needed to focus on building my future, failing to recognize that all of the success I was seeing at that time was fundamentally driven by her support,” he said.

Yuliya – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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