He Walked Out of A Dinner With His Parents After His Dad Reacted Poorly To His Girlfriend’s Appearance

Yevhenii - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

There are times when our parents don’t approve of our girlfriends or boyfriends because they’re not good for us. And sometimes, parents end up being right about that.

However, some parents can also be quick to judge people for superficial things.

One man recently walked out of a dinner with his parents after his dad reacted poorly to his girlfriend’s appearance. 

His dad has always had an issue with making comments and insinuations about women’s looks and bodies. Ever since he was a kid, he’d watched his dad make snide comments about his mom and how she gained weight after having kids. Unfortunately, he never got better about it.

He’s been dating a girl he really likes for about a year and was recently asked to introduce her to his parents at dinner at a restaurant. However, he immediately became worried about his dad’s behavior, as his girlfriend is a bit heavier than his previous partners. 

“I was worried that he might say something about my girlfriend’s weight,” he explained.

“Her weight has fluctuated over her life, and right now, she’s a bit heavier. Obviously, I’m attracted to her regardless of body size, but I know she can be self-conscious about it.”

He never mentioned his girlfriend’s appearance to his parents because he doesn’t think it matters. Leading up to the dinner, he didn’t feel it was necessary to mention anything in that regard to his dad because he figured he’d act like an adult for the evening and keep his thoughts to himself.

Now, he wishes he had said something.

Yevhenii – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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