Her Boyfriend Called Her A Gold Digger, But He’s Actually Poor, And She’s The Breadwinner

Victoria Chudinova - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 24-year-old girl and her 32-year-old boyfriend live together, and she says they are both pretty poor.

Their apartment is so tiny, and she works two different jobs to keep their heads above water. By night, she bar tends in a club, and by day, she’s a hairdresser.

As for her boyfriend, he works flexible hours as a delivery driver, but he only works about three hours a day. The rest of his time he devotes to investing in cryptocurrency.

“I do not mind being the breadwinner, but that is what I am, I am the breadwinner, hands down,” she explained.

“Anytime I ask him to pick up more shifts, he says he will and never does, and it’s [caused] arguments recently.”

Their landlord is increasing their rent, and so she asked her boyfriend to contribute more financially to their apartment.

In response, her boyfriend said he’s putting all of his money into his investments that the government will not be able to touch, which is his “crypto scheme.”

Exasperated, she informed her boyfriend that they don’t have enough money to be investing in anything since they need to be paying for the roof over their head, their food, and their bills.

Her boyfriend fired back that all she does is discuss “his assets,” and so she’s nothing but a gold digger. She was so shocked that her boyfriend would call her that, and she set the record straight.

Victoria Chudinova – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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