Her Boyfriend Is $4,000 In Credit Card Debt, And After She Found Out He Hid Some Major Purchases From Her, She Said She Wouldn’t Loan Him Any Money

Drobot Dean - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old woman’s boyfriend, 28, has $4,000 of credit card debt. Her boyfriend has two credit cards, and in May, his debt reached this amount because he wasn’t able to pay them down due to both the credit interest and other expenses he was struggling to pay.

“He recently ‘asked’ me if I could loan him the lump sum that he owes on both the cards so he could pay them off, then he would pay me back over the course of the next few months with the extra income he’ll have from not being in debt,” she said.

However, she felt uneasy about loaning him the money. She was concerned that he would just accumulate more debt right after she’d helped him pay it off.

As it turns out, she has a valid reason to worry about this because she has already loaned him money to pay off his credit cards once before.

Last year in September, she gave him $3,000, which was nearly the total of the amount of debt he had.

At the time, she didn’t even ask him to pay her back, but she did strongly urge him to be more responsible with his money.

She suggested that he make food at home instead of constantly eating out like he had been previously.

She also asked him to avoid “impulse purchases” because this was a lot of the reason he was racking up so much debt.

“May rolls around, and he tells me he’s worried about his credit card debt. I had to coax it out of him, but he eventually told me he owed $4,000,” she explained.

Drobot Dean – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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