Her Boyfriend Was Recently Diagnosed With Cancer, And She’s Considering Leaving Him So She Can Find A Man Who Can Give Her A Long-Term Marriage And Kids

“We both cried together, and I was there with him during his doctors’ appointments, where they discussed his prognosis.”

Unfortunately, at these appointments, the doctors didn’t provide good news. They said that based on his genes, despite having surgery and treatment, there was a high likelihood that his cancer would come back.

They also emphasized that his treatment would be intense, and he’d have to take a lot of medical leave. The doctors also advised him to hire someone to care for him day and night.

“I’m torn on what to do. We haven’t said that we love each other. We don’t share finances, nor do we live together,” she shared.

“One part of me feels that this diagnosis changes everything. I want to have a partner with whom I am able to have kids, have them be around for their growth and development, and someone who doesn’t have a higher-than-normal chance of dying from a deadly disease compared to the general population.”

In her opinion, at this stage in their relationship, it’s too soon for her to take care of him and take on this huge responsibility.

While they’ve discussed the idea of being in a long-term relationship together down the road, they haven’t expressed any clear-cut plans to have a wedding or engagement.

While her boyfriend was at the hospital, they immediately started chemotherapy to get ahead of his cancer, so there wasn’t time for them to try to protect his fertility.

Also, she and her boyfriend haven’t talked about finances at all, so she doesn’t know if he will have disability insurance, who he will hire to care for him, or if it will be a family member or any other details.

Throughout this situation, she has met his family, but since she and her boyfriend just started dating recently, they don’t seem to trust her enough to take her suggestions or advice seriously concerning his treatment.

This has made her uncomfortable because even though she understands their worry about him, she doesn’t know what to do or how to act around his family.

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