Her Ex-Husband’s Mistress Reached Out And Wants Her To Forgive Her Ex For Cheating Because He Still Feels Guilty And Is Refusing To Propose To The Mistress Because Of It

sakkmesterke - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

After this woman and her husband had their second child, they began having some marital problems. Love and affection weren’t lacking in their relationship– at least, according to her husband.

“We still loved each other, and we were basically in a rough place,” she recalled.

However, her husband wound up meeting a new female coworker and seemingly developed some feelings for the woman. The coworker felt the same way, too.

Then, one day, her husband approached her and claimed to love her but still asked that they take a “break” for a few months. That way, they could work on their problems separately.

“I was heartbroken, but I agreed, thinking we were going to work on our marriage,” she explained.

Yet, not even one week later, she found out that her husband was hooking up with his coworker. This pushed her to file for divorce, and she has not seen her now ex-husband for three years.

Their divorce was finalized two years ago, and since then, her ex-husband has consistently tried to get in touch with her. But she refuses to open up his emails because she misses him, and she knows what the messages probably said.

“Empty worries and apologies. For me, he cheated, even if not everyone agrees because ‘we were on a break,'” she said.

More recently, though, she was shocked when her ex-husband’s girlfriend reached out to her– asking her to forgive her ex!

sakkmesterke – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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