Her Friend Asked To Bring Her Boyfriend To Her Wedding, But She’s Not Allowing Plus Ones

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This woman is getting married this year, with her reception being held the following spring.

“This past weekend, at my bridal shower, I mentioned to my friend and her mom I would be inviting their family to my reception,” she said.

“I said this as I have not seen them since my engagement and wanted them to know they were included in my plans, since I’ve known them for so long (I’ve known my friend since high school) and they helped plan my shower.”

Several days later, her friend texted her to ask if her boyfriend could be invited to her reception in place of her father.

She responded and told her friend that this made her uneasy, and she didn’t like this idea. She added that she and her fiancé weren’t allowing anyone to have plus ones, and they weren’t inviting anyone they didn’t personally know.

Then, her friend started fighting with her, saying that this was unfair. Her friend also pointed out that she knew she’d refused to allow some of her fiancé’s close friends to be invited because she hadn’t met them before.

In this particular instance, she and her fiancé had decided against inviting these friends because they had been disrespectful and rude in the past when her fiancé had tried to make plans to hang out with them. So, she and her fiancé decided it wasn’t worth it to invite them.

“My fiancé and I agreed upon these rules and have been firm about them. We discuss people that aren’t a clear invite and make those decisions together,” she continued.

After a lot of back and forth with her friend refusing to drop the subject, she said, “‘I’m sorry, but it’s not happening. I only want our closest people at this party, and I’m sticking to it.'” At this, her friend was incredibly angry.

Space_Cat – illustrative purposes only

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