Her Uncle Called Her Daughter A Thief And A Brat At Their Family Barbecue, So She Left, Which Stirred Up Drama In Their Family

Syda Productions - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 32-year-old woman’s uncle, 71, and his wife, 69, had a barbecue for the family at their house.

In her family, everyone takes turns hosting family gatherings at their homes.

“My uncle is a very difficult man to get along with, and I mostly went because it is important to my mom, 66,” she said.

“He is very rigid in his beliefs and will make it very clear to you if you have done something to offend him.”

“Once that has happened, there is no chance for redemption regardless of whether you are family, friends, or a stranger.”

During the family hangout, everyone was just relaxing, and then her 6-year-old daughter spotted her uncle’s fruit bowl.

She is currently working with her daughter on how to be polite and ask for permission before taking things, but her daughter sometimes forgets.

So, her daughter took a banana from the fruit bowl without asking if it was okay before doing so. When her uncle saw this, he was absolutely furious.

“He called my daughter a thieving brat and started threatening to call the cops. I stepped in, and he told me to pack up my stuff and go because he didn’t want thieves in his home,” she explained.

Syda Productions – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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