His Dream Family Shattered After He Found Out His Fiancée Cheated On Him With Her Coworker And Their Son Isn’t His

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This 31-year-old man has a fiancée who is 33, and they have been together for more than 8 years now.

His fiancée lives with him in his apartment, and they have been making plans for their future together, such as how many children they should have and at what point they should begin building a house.

Around two years ago, they sadly suffered a miscarriage, so when his fiancée became pregnant again, he was overjoyed. He really wanted a baby, and when their baby was born, he cried happy tears.

The birth of their baby was the best thing that has ever happened to him, and he felt like he and his fiancée were living in a dream.

But then, he received a call from the wife of one of his fiancée’s coworkers. This woman told him that his fiancée is nothing but a cheater, and he honestly could not believe it.

He confronted his fiancée, who assured him that she was only really great friends with this male coworker, which she promised had made this man’s wife envious of her.

He had no reason not to believe what his fiancée was saying to him, especially since she never made him feel like he could not trust her in all the years that they have been together.

He just asked his fiancée to stop being friends with her coworker, as it was clearly causing stress and strain on this man’s marriage, and he felt it was hurting them too.

“As it turns out, they continued their friendship in a secret way. I was very ignorant until that man’s wife sent me photos of their chats and that they secretly were meeting at the parks and for lunch,” he explained.

BGStock72 – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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