His Fiancée Is Trying To Push Him Into Having A Baby With Her, And She Melts Down And Cries About This Multiple Times Every Month

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old man has a fiancée the same age as him, and over the last several years, she has been really pushing him to have a baby.

At first, his fiancée would bring it up on the rare occasion, but it’s gotten to the point where his fiancée is saying she wants a baby multiple times a month, before she melts down and cries about it.

Whenever they find out that someone in their life is pregnant, it just makes his fiancée spiral more and more out of control.

He does want to have a baby, and in fact, he would like to have several children at some point in his life, and he has been honest about this.

He’s just not ready now since their finances are not in order. He and his fiancée are struggling to pay for their own expenses, so they can’t afford to pay for anything that a baby needs.

“I’ve tried conveying this angle to her, and I’m always met with “well, no one is ever financially ready to have a baby” or “We’d figure it out,” he explained.

“I find it odd that she would want to bring a kid into this world while being so financially insecure. She herself had an extremely precarious childhood on account of her parents’ financial insecurity, and she’s mentioned that she resented them for it.”

“I’ve never said this to her, but I also genuinely just don’t think she’s ready to be a mother. Not that I’m trying to equate the two, but she doesn’t even take care of the two dogs that she begged me to get.”

He’s the one who has to do everything for their dogs, and his fiancée lodges complaints every time he asks her to fill the water bowl for the dogs.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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