His Wife Wants To Name Their Daughter After Her Late Mother, Who Died During Childbirth, But He Thinks Their Baby Should Be Named After His Mom Since She Was Present In His Life

julia_popova_ph - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old man has been married to his 35-year-old wife, Sarah, for eight years. They already have two sons together– Jobran, who is 8, and Adam, who is 6.

But his wife is currently pregnant, and in just three months, they will be welcoming a daughter into their family.

Unfortunately, though, Sarah’s parents are no longer around. Her mother died during labor when his wife was just 1-year-old. So, Sarah and her siblings were raised by her father– who did an excellent job as a single parent.

However, about two years ago, his wife’s father passed away.

“And my mother died an unexpected death when I was 20, which made my dear father devastated,” he recalled.

That’s why he and his wife named their two sons after their fathers. Jobran is named after Sarah’s father; meanwhile, Adam is named after his dad.

As for their daughter, who is about to be born, his wife wants to name the baby after her mother. However, he has one main issue with this.

He feels like he has “more right” to name his daughter after his mother since his mom was present in his life.

“I knew my mother. She raised me alongside my father, and I grew under her care for 20 years,” he explained.

julia_popova_ph – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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